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Standard table (using div tags with class="tables" and -optional- width style in table code and div tags)

Name Trigger condition % Chance Effects Examples
Critical Hit An attack skill successfully hits ? 2x increase in Attack value of that attack Crossbow
Life Drain An attack skill successfully hits 100 HP recovery equals to X% of damage done, rounded down.  Seraph's Axe
Extra Attack An attack skill is used ? Bonus attack on enemy after the trigger attack is resolved Battering Helm of The Slayer

Floors tables aka Dungeon tables(using div tags with class="tables floors")

Floor Name Altar Boss Golem Monsters
Flaming Ascention Meteor Dragonkin (Level 34, 10744HP) Tempered Golem (Level 28, 93HP) Meteor Dragonkin (Level 28, 7428HP)

Flaming Visage (Level 28, 9285HP)

Grove of The Purple Rose Afflicted Dwarf (Level 29, 7940HP)

Infectious Gaze (Level 29, 7940HP)

Daybreak Monastery Awoken Golem (Level 9, 6HP) Blinding Gaze (Level 9, 824HP)

Item listing tables (using div tags with class="tables items" and class="sortable" in table code and class="unsortable" in Image header cell)

Image Name Rarity Lv1 Str Lv1 Con Lv1 Dex Max. Str Max. Con Max. Dex Abilities Dismantle
Icon item 0044
Tomahawk 1 78 4 9 289 17 34 50
Icon item 0022
Demon's Sword 3 312 18 36 796 46 93 Frostbite 200
Icon item 0073
Awoken Azazel 3 206 23 47 962 69 138 Venomous 225

Fusing tables (using div tags with class="tables fusing")

Common Rare Fabled Mythical Legendary Ultimate
Icon item 0170
Shadowbone Leggings ([[Abilities#|]])
Icon item 0229
Shadowbone Legwraps (Vampiric)
Icon item 0292
Shadowbone Legwraps of Dread (Vampiric)
Icon item 0000
? ([[Abilities#|]])
Icon item 0535
Archfiend Legguards of Dread ([[Abilities#|]])
Icon item 0539
? ([[Abilities#|]])
Icon item 0543
? ([[Abilities#|]])
Icon item 0184
Worn Leather Vest ([[Abilities#|]])
Icon item 0247
Unhallowed Leather Vest (Invoke: Demonic)
Icon item 0243
Defiant Leather Vest (?)
(None) (None) (None) (None)

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