AbilitiesAcrid AxeAdventure
AvatarsAwoken AzazelBattle Axe
BootsBoots of the Blight DragonBottest
Caustic BoneCetusChestguards
Corrosive GuiseDailyDazzling Greaves
Defiant Leather VestDemon's LongswordDemon's Sticker
Demon's SwordDemonic Tomahawk of the UnderworldDouble Cleaver
Dragon's BreathDragonkin BucklerDragonkin Stalwart
DustDust FodderEmber Shield
Fetid BufferFiery CleaverFiery Phoenix's Slicer
Finder's Keep WikiFindersKeep WikiForgesteel Spurs
Forgesteel Spurs of MightGolden BucklerGolden Buckler of Glory
HackerHeadknockerHeavy Unhallowed Stone Cleaver
Item 0001ItemdatItemlayout10
Kite of the PhantomLeggingsLimited Time
Lionshead MaulNecklacePatchwork Hammer
Phantom BucklerPhantom WindowPlague Mask
PoleaxePoleaxe of Greater SlashingRadiant Angel's Crescent Moon
Radiant EdgeRadiant Shield of GloryRings
ScimitarScimitar of the Black FlagSearing Shot
Shadowbone LeggingsShadowbone LegwrapsShadowbone Legwraps of Dread
ShieldsSilver GreavesSlasher
SpecialSpiked Demon's TeethSpiked Demon's Tooth
Steel MaulTabletryTempItemPageHeading
Terrapin ChestpieceTest2TestTables
Test ItemTestpageTitan's Step
Unhallowed Leather BootsUnhallowed Leather VestUnhallowed Stone Cleaver
Unidentified ItemsViper-Kissed LeggingsViper-Kissed Legguards
WeaponsWorn Leather BootsWorn Leather Cap
Worn Leather KiltWorn Leather Vest

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